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Rukatac 0,75 l

  • QUALITY: quality wine
  • VINEYARD: the Lastovo
  • VARIETY: rukatac
  • SWEETNESS: dry
  • ALCOHOL: 12,70 %
  • QUANTITY: 0,75 L

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wine Rukatac, Lastovo

St. Vicenco - Rukatac

Rukatac (or Maraština) is a grape variety that is traditionally grown on the island of Lastovo

The wine is dry, golden yellow in color, on the nose dominated by ripe fruit and expressive grassy notes.

Fully, certainly, lively and elegant.

Gastro recommendations

Recommended with fish dishes, risottos, pastas, white meats and mature cheeses.

Grk-Slatki život 0,375 l

  • QUALITY: dessert wine
  • VINEYARD: the Lastovo
  • VARIETY: grk
  • SWEETNESS: semidry
  • ALCOHOL: 15,20 %
  • QUANTITY: 0,375 l

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wine Grk, Slatki život - Lastovo

St. Vicenco - Grk Slatki život

Wine of the grape variety Grk, whose fruits are harvested in November in order to obtain a high concentration of natural sugar.

The result is a semi-sweet wine with nice acids, intense straw yellow color, aromas of ripe fruit, peach and quince.

The completion is elegant, clean and slightly mineral.

Gastro recommendations

This wine is ideal complement with cheeses blends of noble mold, spicy cheesees, liver pate and homemade "dry" cakes.

Noni 0,75 l

  • QUALITY: quality wine
  • VINEYARD: the Lastovo
  • VARIETY: plavac plavina cabernet sauvignon
  • SWEETNESS: dry
  • ALCOHOL: 13,20 %
  • QUANTITY: 0,75 l

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wine Noni, Lastovo

St. Vicenco - Noni

This wine is a result of pairing of Plavac and Plavina, local indigenous varieties as "international" Cabernet Sauviqnon..

It has intense ruby red color, on the nose is rustic, fruity with grassy reflexes.

It is dry, lively with notes of vanilla and chocolate, elegantly and safely, knowing that is "different."

Gastro recommendations

It is perfectly in accordance with fish stew, roasted meat and fish.

Plavac 0,75 l

  • QUALITY: premium wine
  • VINEYARD: the Lastovo
  • VARIETY: plavac mali
  • SWEETNESS: dry
  • ALCOHOL: 14,20 %
  • QUANTITY: 0,75 l

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wine Plavac, Lastovo

St. Vicenco - Plavac

Traditionally wine that goes back to ancient times of the original wines.

Long maturation in oak barrels gives high but balanced tannins and harmony of taste.

It has a typical aroma of plavac, plums and berries.

Gastro recommendations

Plavac is idealy complemented with venison, red meat, grilled meat and green cheese.